About Us

Gravenhurst Music

The “Old Man” aka Bill Casey the lead singer of the group and guitarist was raised up around music all of his life. He received his musical foundation from his granddad, who was an old Catholic Preacher, that played the guitar & the harmonica. Some of Bill’s fondest memories were going back to his Uncle Leeroy from Gravenhurst in England, sitting around picking & grinning his guitar well into the night, with all of the neighbours sitting outside in lawn chairs, enjoying the music & singing. Bill started singing at an early age with his sisters, Margaret & Veronika, developing tight family harmony. He had no formal musical training but always had a “thirst” to learn to play various instruments, but guitar was his favourite.

He formed and played in several bands, but always had a love for sharing his talent in his home town of Gravenhurst and rarely ventured outside his hometown. He was very talented and gifted musician that would often be invited to sing at local events.  Later in his carrier he was joined by his two childhood friends Guy & Ritchie (more about these guys in a different chapter) that have convinced him to form a band called Gravenhurst and tour around England sharing their talent on London streets.