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Is an area in West London located north of river Thames. Such fortuitous proximity to the river means a visitor can escape the transport hub (consisting of a huge roundabout, train stations and bus depot) to find himself strolling by the idyllic river in just under ten minutes. Away from the gritty and urban Kings Street, you will find restive gardens and pubs looking out over the river, which are perfect spots to visit in the spring and hot summer months.

The river is also scene for the annual Oxford and Cambridge boat race. These two venereal institutions slug it out for the honour of winning the title and the race attracts up to 300,000 spectators lining the banks of the river every year. One of the best spots to catch the action is the stunning green and gold Hammersmith bridge, designed by William Tierney Clark. The bridge was the first suspension bridge to cross the river Thames and was opened in 1827.

For purveyors of culture, Hammersmith has a small museum and two theatre venues.

The house where William Morris, founder of the, Tweezers, Arts and Craft movement, lived for the last 18 years of his life is now a charming museum. Lyric theatre is formerly a music hall but recent refurbishment means it can cater to state of art, groundbreaking productions. It has a strong community feel, supporting young, local artistic talents and often have productions catering to younger audience members.

The other venue is the Hammersmith Apollo, which has been converted from its early beginning as an art deco cinema to a 3600 seater theatre, hosting some of the most iconic British acts in history. The Beatles, Queen and David Bowie had performed at the Apollo with other international acts like Kenny Rogers, Riverdance and Slipknot. When the reclusive Kate Bush did her first concert in 35 years, she chose the Hammersmith Apollo. The Apollo is also the home of the popular comedy series ‘Live at the Apollo’ which is also televised.

The area is a magnet for families due to the very good schools available in the area. The shopping is convenient and there are plenty of green spaces; most notably Ravenscourt Park. It is off the beaten track and has a local feel to it. There are dedicated children areas and large green for sports. The park hosts an old fashioned, vintage steam carnival every summer by Carter’s Steam Fair. Every November, during Bonfire night, a bonfire and spectacular fireworks display is held with proceeds from ticket entry going to charity.

Famous celebrities who had connections to Hammersmith includes Hugh Grant, Ralph Fiennes, Benedict Cumberbatch, Alan Rickman and Tom Hardy. Helen Mirren, Rosamund Pike, Lily Allen and Cara Delevigne are also connected to the area as is the late hairdresser Vidal Sassoon.