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From being dangerous place where highwaymen and villains congregated, Knightsbridge had shaken off its unsavoury beginnings to become one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods in London. Nowadays, Knightsbridge is eponymous with luxury, known for high end department stores such as Harrods and Harvey Nichols, a plethora of well-known global brands along Brompton Road, five star hotels and opulent apartments with million dollar price tags.

Like Knightsbridge, the famous Harrods store has humble beginnings as a grocery store in 1849. It transformed into a world-renowned department store with a reputation as a purveyor of fine goods and stellar service. Harrods also installed the first ever escalator in London where brave patrons who used it for the first time were given a glass of brandy when they reached the top.

With its distinctive terracotta front and green awnings, the store has become a tourist destination. Their food halls are definitely worth a visit. The seafood counter with its catch of fresh fish and ice sculptures need to be seen to be believed. The Victorian detailings, tiles and peacock sculptures in the halls may be over the top but it only adds to the dramatic, luxurious appeal. The Toy department with its range of almost life-size stuffed toys will delight any child, so too the annual Santa’s Grotto which attracts long queues every Christmas season.

Ten minutes walk down to road, you will come to the museum quarter in Knightsbridge. No less than three famous museums stand by next to each other – the Natural History Museum, the Victoria & Albert (V&A) and the Science Museum.

The Natural History Museum exhibits a gargantuan range of specimens and is known mostly for its dinosaur exhibits. For years, a full-sized skeleton of a diplodocus, affectionately known as Dippy, greeted visitors to the Great Hall. In 2017, this famous skeleton is dismantled to start a tour around the museums in UK. In its place is a skeleton of a whale. The Natural History Museum also hosts a butterfly exhibition in summer and an ice-skating rink and Christmas market in winter.

The V&A museum right across the road held riches beyond compare in its collection which includes gold tweezers among other luxury items. The elegant sculpture gallery displays the finest Italian Renaissance sculptures and the fashion galleries trace the evolution of fashion from 18th century court attire to modern designs. Visitors can also gawp at 3000 dazzling jewelleries charting the history of European jewellery from ancient time to the present.