Parsons Green

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Parsons Green

Is nestled in between Fulham and Chelsea, Parsons Green is a charming neighbourhood who still retains that villagey feel. It developed around the triangular green space, located south of the Tube station of the same name. The green itself takes its name from the old local rectory.

The area attracted the attention of the wealthy and bankers from the City who built luxurious villas in the 18th century. With the advent of industrialisation, the demand for these villas with its large gardens gradually decreased. The villas and the surroudning gardens were developed into smaller houses and period homes. A majority of them still lining the streets and make up the housing stock for the area, along with a number of contemporary flats.

The area has all the usual amenities of a well-heeled neighbourhood. Fitness studios stand next to independent cafes and restaurants offering brunch on a weekend. There are two popular pubs in the area – the White Horse pub, more commonly known as ‘Sloaney Pony’ and The Aragorn. It is believed that Catherine of Aragorn, Queen of England and first wife to King Henry VII, once lived there. It was also home to Samuel Richardson, an 18th century novelist.

Situated within Zone 2 in the underground map, Parsons Green is an easy reach to the city. This is one of its attraction to young couples and professionals who wants an easy commute to work while still living in a tightly knit community with a village atmosphere.

Residents in Parsons Green can easily access the shopping and sports amenities in nearby Fulham and Chelsea. Local also knew to stay home when it is a home match for Chelsea Football Club. The area will be overrun by fans attending the match at Stamford Bridge or clogging up nearby bars and pubs which telecast the match on tv.

In September 2017, a bomb was denoted in one of the underground carriages during morning rush hour. 51 people were injured. The perpetrator was arrested and received a life sentence. This was an unusual blip in otherwise a very peaceful part of London.